Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bible Study for the Homeschool

We've used a lot of resources over the years, and organized our days differently over the years. But what has worked for us the last few years has been to do Bible study together as a group with all the kids eighth grade and under on Friday mornings, while Monday through Thursdays the older kids do their own personal studies and the youngers do study with me. (Sometimes I've included the high school kids in that group, but it depends on what the dynamics are and if the older kids are working or have other things going on.) For the last three years, the "middle" kids have worked on their Awana books as their personal Bible study Monday-Thursday.

Here are some things I've done mostly with the younger kids, probably around 3rd grade and under...

Betty Luken's felt set

I got this on sale with a coupon at a local Christian book store. It took me a sweet forever to cut out all the pieces, so if I had it to do over again I think I would have just ordered the pre-cut pieces. :) The basic set comes with 182 pre-written stories and pieces to go with them.


These are less Bible "story and more "theology" based lessons. I will usually switch off and do one every other year.

Bible Story books

These are great to read any time and there are so many websites available with coloring sheets to go with just about any story. Some sites to print off sheets are here, here, and here.

Sorting the Bible Books

You can use a file folder with a big piece of card stock for each side labeled Old Testament and New Testament. Secure this on the top or sides with tape. (You can put a card stock cross in the middle. (This is the top of the diagram, and is the inside, not the cover.) Under your card stock OT and NT, you will make small fold-overs for each of the Bible categories- Law, History, Poetry, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets, etc. If the kids are older I would let them write the Bible books under the flap for the appropriate category, but if they aren't writing well, then I would just type them on the computer and let them cut the lists out. If they want they can close the folder and decorate the outside.

These are things I have done with older and younger together.........

These are stories of people of the faith and missionaries. We've really enjoyed these. There are several different shorter stories on each person.

I picked these up at a discount bookstore maybe 15 years ago. They have great pictures with good background information on the location, history and culture of Biblical times. I don't have the complete set, maybe you can still find them all on Amazon? But, if not, you could probably find other similar books.

This has the potential to take up a lot of room, which we don't have, so I taped the timeline pages together and folded them accordian style so I could take it down and stash it away when we weren't using it.

This has been a lot of fun, and little kids are really good at sign language. I wish I could say my memory was as good, but it isn't. I have to practice something repeatedly to remember it and we didn't do this at all last year, so of course, I forgot everything. :(

Pilgrim's Progress

This very simplified version is really a kids' reader that I believe we were given second hand at some point. There are other versions and, also the original version, but I prefer something simplified for the younger kids. (We haven't done this, but it looks to be a good resource if you want to tackle the original. Or, maybe you would like to turn it into a unit study.)

These are are great for teaching about the lives of some missionaries and heroes of the faith. There are over a dozen stories with free printables under the kids' section. Also, the vidoes are available on Right Now Media, but before that I used to check them out from our library.

Songs and Fingerplays

Here is a great list from Calvary Kids.
Hand Signs for memorizing Scripture, also here and here.

Memory Work

Memory work is great for younger kids, because they are like sponges and will soak up scripture at amazing speeds. You can compile your own list to work on, but here is a good place to start.

Books of the Bible
10 Commandments
Romans Road 
Psalm 23
1 Corinthians 13 (Love is...)
Armor of God
Fruits of the Spirit
ABC verses, or other choices here and here.
52 Kid Friendly verses (maybe for the youngest kids)

Sword Drills

Here is a great list for drills.

Here is a great list for themes. Sometimes when there is a "theme" I won't tell the kids what it is. They have to guess after finding several scriptures.

You can also ask the kids different questions like "In what book/story would I find a story that includes a donkey?" or "In what book/story would I find a person named Jesse?"

Catechism Questions

Here is a list to give you an idea of what a catechism would ask. We got our copy from Abeka years ago. Just make sure the one you choose is in line with what you want to teach your children about Theology.

Character Traits

We have used different character trait resources in the past, but I just discovered these from Character First. There are 20 character traits that come with free resources, and of course you can purchase the entire set. The free resources have printables and videos you can watch with a poem, song and story. These are on the very conservative side. We've done three of them so far this year (Attentiveness, Availability and Compassion), and I like them.

ACTS Prayers 

A-doration: Giving some praise and admiration for God
C-onfession: What we have struggled with this week.
T-hanksgiving: What we are thankful for this week.
S-upplication: What we want to ask God for this week.

And for the high school aged kids..............


I recently came across this website that has printable worksheets for their survey courses. It's done by a Church of Christ, so make sure it's in line with your theology. I have my younger kids doing some of the elementary worksheets, but the adult would be adequate for high school. (The lessons seem to be pretty non-denominational so far as I have noticed.)

Theology and Doctrine

My husband put together a high school course with "Things that Become Sound Doctrine" by Dwight Pentecost for our kids.  I don't have any other examples of this, you would just have to find resources that fall in line with your theology.

SOAP and SOAK Studies


K-neeling in prayer

Basically your student can take a notebook and whatever passage of scripture they would like to choose for study. (Some of my younger kids have actually done this, also.)

Read Through The Bible

Here is a great list of plans from Bible Gateway, or here from RC Sproul ministries.

Map Work

This is a great source for charts and maps.

Other Studies

Greek Language Programs

Great Lives Series by Chuck Swindoll

Answers in Genesis  has a lot of information on creation vs. evolution. (They do have resources for kids of all ages.)

The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel

Mere Christianity by CS Lewis


Now, of course I wouldn't do all of these things everyday or even every year. Usually I choose a few things to do during the week, one for Fridays and I rotate things in and out every few years. For instance, if we read Pilgrim's Progress this year, then we probably won't do it again for several years.

Here is just an example of how I may schedule Bible:

Monday: Older/middle Awana or Survey work
                Younger Betty Luken's felt story and recite books of the Bible

Tuesday: Older/middle Awana or Survey work
                Younger Leading Littles to God lesson and recite books of the Bible

Wednesday: Older/Middle Awana or Survey work
                     Younger Betty Luken's felt story and recite books of the Bible

Thursday: Older/Middle Awana or Survey work
                 Younger Songs/fingerplays and recite books of the Bible

Friday: All kids together- practice signing John 3:16; read one chapter of Pilgrim's Progress and Acts

Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Musings

Brennan (3): Mama I got clay in my hair. It was a ask-a-dent.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cheaper by the Dozen


It's about that time again.

This time we'll join the ranks of doughnuts, eggs and sodas-one dozen!

Baby number 12 is due around March 2016!

I decided to keep it on the down-low this time around. I really haven't enjoyed telling people that we're expecting since around baby number 5. Oh, I do love having my babies and it is an exciting time for me.

But. all. the. negativity.

On Wednesday night a lady from church asked me how many kids I had and I said 11. I thought, "you know, I'll just go ahead and let her know", so I said "And, we're expecting number 12!".

She looked right at me, scowled and said, "You are OUT of your mind!"

Dang, lady, you couldn't have even faked it and said "congratulations" or SOMETHING nice?"

I decided I wasn't going to let it bother me, because it isn't the first time or the 100th that someone has said something stupid and insensitive in what otherwise is a happy time for my family.

But, it did bother me. And I kept thinking and thinking about it.

I guess I feel like I owe it to people to announce that we're expecting, because that's what people do, right? And, then I brace myself for the all. the. negativity. And, then I just swallow and ignore it because I don't want them to steal the joy of my new little one.

And, then I started thinking this week. Why do I think I owe it to anyone to announce it? Announcing it isn't even where I find the joy anyway.  I told a few close family members and a few close friends, but I just decided I'm not throwing it out there to get a reaction, negative or not, from anyone. I just don't need it.

Now, don't get me wrong, not everyone is negative and my good friends and family who know us, rejoice with us, But some friends and family don't rejoice. Some CHRISTIAN people don't rejoice. Have they not read in their Bible ALL the verses that talk about children being gifts, blessings and rewards???  Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are the children of one's youth-BLESSED is the man whose quiver is FULL of them?

Since I turned forty in June, I keep thinking "Why can't we just be who we are? Why do we have to always need to please someone else? Now, I'm not saying we shouldn't aim to be Christlike if we are Christians, or giving reasons to sin, I'm talking why can't we go gray, be chunky, enjoy what we enjoy and not need to feel guilty because we aren't like someone else? Why do I need to suck in this belly because it isn't "acceptable" to look pregnant at 10 weeks? Why would I need to compare myself to someone pregnant with their second while I've had SIX times more pregnancies than them? (Ok, maybe that's just a personal issue. Or the result of  a personal love of all things chocolate, but whatever.)

I know not everyone understands or agrees with our decision to have many children. But, that's just it. It's OUR decision to trust God and to have many children. Some may not agree with it, some may not like it, but in the south we used to say,


So, there you have the deep insight into my thoughtful week.

Maybe it's just the nausea talking.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Musings: Crime Edition

My six year old Bailey came into my room while I was watching the news. They were talking about a police chase.

Bailey: "Those two guys who were running from the cops? Well, they should have known better."


Friday, July 10, 2015

Easter in July.......

I'm still in "catch-up" mode here. lol! Only a few months behind!  I got a few pictures of Trace's first Easter. It rained that morning so we had to have the Easter Egg hunt indoors in our newly renovated student center. It was crazy and crowded so I didn't get any of the older three kids.

Tristan, Thomas and Travis

Bethany and Brooke




Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Truck Event at Martin Library!

A branch of our local library hosted a "touch a truck" event two weekends ago. I took the kids last year, and we decided to go again this year. And, it was gorgeous weather that morning. A star-car group in Tulsa brought some of their personal cars out to show. Wouldn't this be fun to ride around in?

A man from the electric company talked about electricity safety. He cooked
a hot dog with the end of that little power line.

This is what happens to sand when a live power line touches it. 


 These two were the only originals there-the original fast and furious movie set cars.

I don't remember the name of this local band, but they were so nice to let the kids
come up and play instruments. Although Tristan was the only brave one of my group to go play.

The news on six storm chasing truck and Von Castor, a local storm chaser. He was
super nice and David stood and chatted with him a long time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The happy birthdays that I didn't post.....

I thought I would go back and recap the birthdays that I didn't post, since I have been neglecting to post lately.

 First up were Bailey and Bethany's back in March.

Bailey wanted a Frozen birthday and Bethany wanted to have a friend over. Since
their birthdays were close together and pretty much over the weekend we started on
Friday with homeschool ice skating. Then, a party on Saturday.

We had games and built marshmallow snowmen. 
Bailey turned 6 and Bethany turned 13.

Next came Brooke's 12th birthday in April.

She wanted pink and zebra striped decorations, a sleepover
and to paint tshirts.

Tyler turned 18 in April, also! We had his birthday/graduation party in the gym at our church.

Then, there was this little guy's FIRST birthday in May!!

SADLY, I can't find any of the pictures from his party. I don't know where they are. I had them on my camera, but hadn't downloaded them, and that's the last I knew. Tyler took my camera to Spain and now they aren't on there. So, I thought maybe I had just taken pictures with my phone, but this was the only one. I'm sick over it.

Next came my birthday in June. The big 4-0.  But, they're saying that 40 is the new 30, so no biggie. That morning Tyler called me from Spain. He didn't even remember it was my birthday, lol, but that just happened to be the only time he was able to call the whole two weeks, so it was a treat! David took me out to Chili's for dinner that night and Brittany bought me some travel bags for when David FINALLY(!!??)  takes me on our anniversary trip.

So, that's it until later this month we'll have 4 birthdays in 5 weeks!
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